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Merewether Lecture Theatre 1, Lecture Rooms 4 and 5


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Wednesday March 26, 2008

8.30-9.00 Registration & Coffee
9.10-9.30 Welcome and Opening the Workshop (in MLT1)
9.30-11.00 Session B-1: Business Cycle I
(chair: Tony Phipps)
Session G-1: Growth I – New Issues
(chair: Graham White)
9.30-10.00 Kalvinder Shields (Melbourne) ‘Nowcasting, Business Cycle Dating and the Identification of Policy Shocks’ Shields PDF 481Kb Paul Burke (ANU) ‘Economic Growth and Democratisation’ Burke PDF 125Kb
Discussant: Don Harding (La Trobe) Discussant: Paul Oslington (Notre Dame)
10.00-10.30 N. Photphisutthiphong (Adelaide) ‘Business Cycle Accounting: The propagation mechanism for the recessions in Australia?’ Photphisutthiphong PDF 179Kb Hong Thi-Dieu To (Ottawa) ‘Economic Growth and Climate Change’ Hong PDF 275Kb
Discussant: David Kim (Sydney) Discussant: Kam Ki Tang (UQ)
10.30-11.00 Michael Graff (SEI) ‘International Business Cycles: Detection and Properties’ Graff PDF 335Kb Debdulal Mallick (Deakin) ‘The Role of the Elasticity of Substitution in Economic Growth’ Mallick PDF 395Kb
Discussant: Viv Hall (VUW) Discussant: Florian Misch (Nottingham)
11.00-11.30 Morning Tea
11.30-13.00 Session B-2: Open Economy (chair: Glenn Otto) Session G-2: Growth II – Role of Saving
(chair: Nigel Stapledon)
11.30-12.00 Heidi Ryoo (La Trobe) ‘A Microeconomic Analysis of the Aggregate Disconnect between Exchange Rates and Exports‘ Ryoo PDF 240Kb Kam Ki Tang (UQ) ‘Estimating the Effects of Demography on Saving, Investment and the Current Account’ Kam Ki Tang PDF 141Kb
Discussant: Jeff Sheen (Macquarie) Discussant: Otto Reich (Massey)
12.00-12.30 Maxym Chaban (U. of Saskatchewan) ‘Commodity Currencies and Equity Flows’ Chaban PDF 216Kb Debajyoti Chakrabarty (Sydney)
‘Why Do the Rich Save More? A Theory and Australian Evidence’ Chakrabarty PDF 223Kb
Discussant: Pim Chanthapun (ANU) Discussant: Jacob Madsen (Monash)
12.30-13.00 Stanley Cho (UNSW) ‘The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Slovenian Households’ Cho PDF 252Kb Alberto Posso (ANU) ‘Top Incomes and National Savings’ Posso PDF 273Kb
Discussant: Prasad Bhattacharya (Deakin) Discussant: Graham White (Sydney)
13.00-14.00 Lunch (in Merewether Courtyard)
14.00-14.30 Session B-3: Business Cycle II (chair: Lance Fisher) Session G-3: Search (chair: Debajyoti Chakrabarty)
14.00-14.30 Viv Hall (VUW) ‘Unobserved Components Business Cycles for New Zealand Hall PDF 612Kb Richard Dutu (Waikato) ‘Money, Capital and Unemployment’ Dutu PDF 189Kb
Discussant: Michael Graff (SEI) Discussant: Gautam Bose (UNSW)
14.30-15.00 Jaromir Benes (RBNZ) ‘Monopolistic Banks and Fixed Rate Contracts: Implications for Open Economy Inflation Targeting’ Benes PDF 336Kb Abhijit Sengupta (Sydney) ‘Search and Intermediation: Toward a Model of the Merchant Trader’ Sengupta PDF 221Kb
Discussant: Jeremy Lawson (RBA) Discussant: Nori Tawara (Nihon)
15.00-15.30 Shawn Leu (La Trobe) ‘A Small State Space Model of the Australian Economy’ Leu PDF 301Kb Nori Tawara (Nihon) ‘Entry Costs, Worker Productivity and the Value of Job Search’ Tawara PDF 318Kb
Discussant: Renee Fry (ANU) Discussant: Stella Huangfu (Sydney)
15.30-16.00 Afternoon Tea
16.00-17.30 Plenary Session (in MLT1) - (chair: Jeffrey Sheen)
16.00-17.30 Professor Gary Hansen (UCLA) ‘Business Cycle Fluctuations and the Life Cycle: How Important is On-The-Job Skill Accumulation?’ Hansen PDF 216Kb

Professor Adrian Pagan (QUT) ‘Limited Information Estimation and Evaluation of DSGE Models’ Pagan PDF 199Kb
18.30 Drinks and Dinner at Sydney Harbour

Thursday March 27, 2008

9.00-9.30 Coffee
9.30-11.00 Session B-4: Business Cycle III
(chair: Viv Hall)
Session G-4: Growth III - Public spending
(chair: Tony Aspromourgos)
9.30-10.00 Michele Lenza (ECB) ‘Explaining the Great Moderation: It is not the shocks’ Lenza PDF 222Kb Bernhard Eckwert (Bielefeld) ‘Private Investment in Higher Education: Comparing Alternative Funding Scheme’ Eckwert PDF 213Kb
Discussant: Jaromir Benes (RBNZ) Discussant: Geoffrey Kingston (UNSW)
10.00-10.30 Don Harding (La Trobe) ‘Estimating baseline real business cycle models of the Australian economy’ Harding PDF 209Kb Florian Misch (Nottingham) ‘Growth and welfare maximization in endogenous growth models with public spending’ Misch PDF 1.47Mb
Discussant: Gary Hansen (UCLA) Discussant: Debajyoti Chakrabarty (Sydney)
10.30-11.00 Tomoya Suzuki (Ryukoku) ‘Credit Channel of Monetary Policy between Australia and New Zealand’ Suzuki PDF 127Kb Shishir Saxena (Monash) ‘Decreasing Returns to R&D or Production Proliferation’ Saxena PDF 423Kb
Discussant: Glenn Otto (UNSW) Discussant: Hong Thi-Dieu To (Ottawa)
11.00-11.30 Morning Tea
11.30-13.00 Session B-5: Macroeconometrics (chair: David Kim) Session G-5: Housing and Wealth
(chair: Heidi Ryoo)
11.30-12.00 Renee Fry (ANU) ‘The Identification of Fiscal and Monetary Policy in a Structural VAR’ Fry PDF 1.2Mb Jacob Madsen (Monash) ‘A Model of House Prices’ Madsen PDF 335Kb
Discussant: Lance Fisher (Macquarie) Discussant: Michele Lenza (ECB)
12.00-12.30 Martin Fukac (RBNZ) ‘Local and Global Identification of DSGE Models’ Fukac PDF 140Kb Peren Arin (Massey) ‘Politics, Stock Markets, and Model Uncertainty’ Arin PDF 173Kb
Discussant: Kalvinder Shields (Melb) Discussant: Hajime Katayama (Sydney)
12.30-13.00 Pu Chen (New School) ‘Causal Analysis in Economics’ Chen PDF 317Kb Nigel Stapledon (UNSW) ‘Housing Prices in Australia 1901 – 2007: Macroeconomic and Other Influences’ Stapledon PDF 1.05Mb
Discussant: Adrian Pagan (QUT) Discussant: Shawn Leu (La Trobe)
13.00-14.00 Lunch (in Merewether Courtyard)
14.00-14.30 Session B-6: Monetary Policy (chair: Shawn Leu) Session G-6: Applied Models and Methods
(chair: Hajime Katayama)
14.00-14.30 Jan Libich (La Trobe) ‘Welfare Improving Coordination of Fiscal and Monetary Policy’ Libich PDF 251Kb Prasad Bhattacharya (Deakin) ‘Revealing Australia’s Underground Economy’ Bhattacharya PDF 289Kb
Discussant: Abhijit Sengupta (Sydney) Discussant: Jyoti Rahman (Treasury)
14.30-15.00 Timo Heckel (ANU) ‘Central Bank Credibility Under Inferential Expectations’ Heckel PDF 358Kb Peter Stemp (ANU), ‘Solving a Non-linear Model’ Stemp PDF 220Kb
Discussant: Bernhard Eckwert (Bielefeld) Discussant: Martin Fukac (RBNZ)
15.00-15.30 Mariano Kulish (RBA) ‘Monetary Transmission and The Yield Curve in a Small Open Economy’ Kulish PDF 164Kb Paul Oslington (Notre Dame) ’Micro vs Macro Explanations of Post-War US Unemployment Movements’ Oslington PDF 268Kb
Discussant: Alexandre Dmitriev (UNSW) Discussant: Maxym Chaban (Saskatchewan)
15.30-15.45 Afternoon Tea
15.45-16.15 Announcements: Best Discussant Award and 2009 AMW
16.30-18.30 Farewell Drinks at the Royal Hotel


Name Institution Capacity
Abhijit Sengupta University of Sydney Presenter
Adrian Pagan QUT Plenary Speaker
Alberto Posso ANU, RSSS Presenter
Bernhard Eckwert Bielefeld University Presenter
David Kim University of Sydney Chair/Discussant
Debajyoti Chakrabarty University of Sydney Presenter/Discussant
Debdulal Mallick Deakin University Presenter
Don Harding La Trobe University Presenter
Florian Misch University of Nottingham Presenter
Gary Hansen UCLA Plenary Speaker
Gautam Bose UNSW Discussant
Geoffrey Kingston UNSW Discussant
Glenn Otto UNSW Chair/Discussant
Graham White University of Sydney Chair/Discussant
Hajime Katayama University of Sydney Chair/Discussant
Heidi Ryoo La Trobe University Presenter/Chair
Hong Thi-Dieu To University of Ottawa Presenter
Jakob Madsen Monash University Presenter
Jan Libich La Trobe University Presenter
Jaromir Benes RBNZ Presenter
Jeff Sheen Macquarie University Chair/Discussant
Jeremy Lawson RBA Discussant
Jyoti Rahman Treasury Discussant
Kalvinder Shields University of Melbourne Presenter
Kam Ki Tang University of Queensland Presenter
Lance Fisher Macquarie University Chair/Discussant
Mariano Kulish RBA Presenter
Martin Fukac RBNZ Presenter
Maxym Chaban University of Saskatchewan Presenter
Michael Graff Swiss Economic Institute Presenter
Michele Lenza European Central Bank Presenter
Nigel Stapledon UNSW Presenter
Nopphawan Photphisutthiphong University of Adelaide Presenter
Nori Tawara Nihon University Presenter
Pim Chanthapun ANU Discussant
Otto Reich Massey University Discussant
Paul Burke ANU, RSSS Presenter
Paul Oslington University of Notre Dame Presenter
Peren Arin Massey University Presenter
Peter Stemp University of Melbourne Presenter
Prasad Bhattacharya Deakin University Presenter
Pu Chen New School Presenter
Renee Fry ANU, CAMA Presenter
Richard Dutu Waikato University Presenter
Shawn Leu La Trobe University Presenter
Shishir Saxena Monash University Presenter
Stanley Cho UNSW Presenter
Stella Huangfu University of Sydney Discussant
Timo Heckel ANU, CAMA Presenter
Tomoya Suzuki Ryukoku University Presenter
Tony Phipps University of Sydney Chair
Viv Hall VUW Presenter
Tony Aspromourgos University of Sydney Chair
Russell Ross University of Sydney Chair - Opening
Alexandre Dmitriev UNSW Discussant